Ennoble Projects at Wayanad

"CREATING SPACE FOR GROWTH" - Development of Two Schools in Bathery, Wayanad

Schools in India often lack essential facilities that allow children to study properly. This forces many students especially girls to dropout. With regard to this problem, CSL in collaboration with Ennoble India Foundation undertook a school infrastructure revamp project in the aspirational district of Wayanad at GLPS Kariampadi and GLPS CC Bhoothanam.

CSL came up with a change in the usual infrastructural development. Along with adding basic amenities to the school building, the project enhanced creative spaces within the school premises that ignite the spark of curiosity in our young learners.

Prior to this project the schools had leaking roofs, lack of drinking water, electricity and toilet facilities. The school walls now are adorned with captivating visuals, educational diagrams and thought-provoking puzzles that encourages the students to seek knowledge beyond the confines of textbooks. Currently with this intervention of CSL, both the schools have an elevated infrastructural development.

Sakshama, Wayanad

"GIVING A CLEAR VISION" - Eye Medical camp for Tribal Population, Wayanad

The aspirational district of Wayanad has a sizable tribal population, living in remote inaccessible tribal hamlets. Issues relating to eye sight have not been getting attended as a priority healthcare particularly among the tribal community. A clear vision functions better communications and enhances quality of life and early identification and detection can prevent blindness to a huge extent.

Tribal communities are at a high risk for adverse health outcomes due to preventable health conditions. To prevent vision loss, “Sakshama”, an institution working among the physically challenged communities, in partnership with Cochin Shipyard limited incorporated a series of Eye Medical Camps for the tribal population of in different villages at Sulthan Battery, Wayanad.

The project involving voluntary services from the reputed ophthalmologists includes comprehensive eye screening for eye diseases, training and development of local youth, awareness programs and screening tests.

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