Cochin Shipyard-QHSE

QHSE statement

The long-term business success of Cochin shipyard Ltd depends on our ability to continuously improve the overall business performance of the organization, of which an integral part is the assured quality of the ship building, ship repair and the Marine training services, enhanced occupational health of the employees & safety practices within the organization and sustained environmental protection for the benefit of the society.


To achieve the global standard in our ship building and ship repair activities, we have established a quality management system in line with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015, that ensures that all the activities necessary to design, develop, manufacture and delivery of the ships, The processes are made effective and efficient by defining the methods and bench marking them to the international standards. This also includes identifying and mitigating all risks associated with the business and processes.

Health & Safety

We strive to conduct all its activities in such a way as to prevent injuries and ill health to our employees, contractors and visitors. Our endeavor is to capture and investigate all the incidents occurring in the work place and thus avert any accidents within the ship yard. We are achieving this by identifying the high risk hazards, eliminating or if not at least reducing the risk involved. We also on a war footing educating all people involved in the ship building and ship repair activities on health and safety practices within the work place and off the job safety.


As a part of the integrated approach of the Shipyard, our commitment to the mother nature, is demonstrated through our ongoing effort to reduce the adverse impact on the environment and reinforcing the positive contribution. We strive to achieve this by identifying the significant environmental aspects of its activities and products and developing programs and processes to reduce or control them with an aim of protecting the environment.

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                                                                           "Quality, Health, Safety & Environmental Policy -" QHSE Policy

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