Human Resources

Cochin Shipyard recognizes that among all resources it is the Shipyard’s abundant professional, skilled and trained Human Resources energy that has been propelling the Shipyard towards achievement of targets and greater heights. Accordingly the HR Vision, Mission, Policy, Objectives and Focus are indicated below:.

HR Vision

Emanating from the goals and objectives enshrined in the corporate mission statement, the strategic Human Resources Vision of the Shipyard is to strive and create a unique institution that integrates creativity, innovation, technology, business and good corporate governance practices for all round improvement in the quality of work life of the yard’s workforce.

HR Mission

To provide a vibrant platform for all those working in the yard to give their best and ensure all round growth both for the individual and organization.

HR Policy

Human Resources Policies are oriented towards providing the right mix of human resources, their empowerment and enrichment so as to meet organizational targets and results.

HR Objectives

  • Effectively play the role of a strategic team member.
  • Planning for pragmatic manpower induction, reskilling, redeployment and retention of human resources.
  • Develop and position the right mix of personnel at the right time.
  • Create, maintain and nurture a healthy employer-employee relation.
  • Evolve and implement best industry practices with transparency in approach, competitive reward and incentive systems for excellence in performance.
  • Focus on continual improvement for skill and knowledge development so as to enhance effectiveness in job.
  • Provide effective and meaningful social support to the community/ society around.

HR Focus Strategies

To plan for, introduce/implement HR Policies based on performance that would ensure growth, recognition, rewards, motivation, competences building, commitment and healthy employer-employee relations.


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