CSL Testing Laboratary

The Laboratory in Cochin Shipyard Limited offers comprehensive testing for metals. We also offer a wide range of mechanical, chemical and non destructive testing services in accordance with national and international test methods to various industries like Construction, Oil & Gas, Fabrication, Service sector, Ship building, etc. 

We offer testing services in the name of “Cochin Shipyard Central Laboratory” and the laboratory is an ISO 17025 compliant and NABL Accredited for Chemical and Mechanical field of testing.

Cochin Shipyard Central Laboratory is an independent laboratory and functioning under the administration of Cochin Shipyard Limited. The laboratory delivers accurate, reliable and unbiased test results every time.

A team of multi-disciplinary knowledgeable and experienced personnel engaged on demonstration of quality of materials, components or products.

Test reports issued by us are widely accepted in the industries and approved by different National & International inspection agencies, government bodies, Central/State public sector undertakings and private industries.

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