The Dock No.2 of 255 x 43 x 9 M is available for building ships up to 1,10,000 DWT. This dock and the grand assembly area are served by two Gantry crane (300 T and 150 T) and two LLTT cranes (50 T).
The steel stockyard has an area of 13,000 Sq.M. aided with two gantry cranes of 25T each and one semi-gantry crane of 25 T. It is directly linked to the rail lines as well as to the waterfront, in addition to road connections. This enables steel to be brought in through wagons, barges or trucks.
The Hull Shop is self-contained with infrastructure required for fabrication of hull blocks up to 50 T. The shop is provided with EOT cranes (50 T) for along the bay movements and gantry crane (20 T) and trailers for across the bay transfer of materials.


   C.N.C. Cutting Machine
   Plasma Cutting Machine
   Shot Blasting Machine<
   Automatic Painting Machine
   1200 T Hydraulic Press
   Line Heating Techniques for curved shell formation
   F.C.B. One side welding for large panels
   Semi-automatic CO2, Gravity welding machines
   Semi-automatic CO2, Gravity welding machines
   Electro Slag welding
   150mm Pipe Bending Machine
   Pipe Coaster (1.2 m dia capacity)
   150 tonne transporter
This shop has telescopic sliding roof with gantry cranes of 300 T and 150 T which spans over it and building dock. Hull blocks up to 450 T can be jumboized here and erected in the building dock using the gantry crane. In addition, two 20 T capacity EOT cranes are there in the shop.
The pipe shop is provided with all the necessary equipment for bending, cutting, welding and pickling of pipes. The sheet metal shop handles all the light steel fabrications, trunking etc.
CSL has totally three Quays having almost a length of 1 KM.

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