The repair dock of 270 x 45 x 12 M can accommodate ships up to 1,25,000 DWT. The dock has high capacity discharge pumps to drain it in less than three hours. It is served by four LLTT cranes, two of 40 T each ,one of 60 T and one of 10 T capacity.
There are three quays of 290 M length with 15 T cranage, 208 M length with 10 T cranage and 460 M length with 20 T & 40 T cranage. The quays have adequate service lines of oxygen, acety¬lene, compressed air and power connections.
This shop is equipped with modern machine tools like Plano ­miller (up to 30 T) Bar Boring equipment (up to 300 mm dia), Inside Grinding machine (up to 300 mm dia), Heavy Duty Lathes (up to 12M length), Horizontal Drilling machine ( up to 100 mm boring & 600 mm drilling), Shrinkage equipment (up to 6 M x 900 mm O.D), Cylindrical Grinding machine (630 mm dia x 2 T), Horizontal Boring machine (up to 560 mm dia), Dynamic Balancing machine (up to 3 T) etc.
   Hauling Carriage for safe docking and un-docking of ships.
   High Pressure Water Jet for hull cleaning.
   Blasting and Painting of conventional, epoxy and SPC systems.
   Hauling Carriage for safe docking and un-docking of ships.
   Facility for Boiler re-tubing.
   Facility for Tank Coating.
   Electric shop for overhauling of motors and testing.
   Pipeline supply of compressed air, oxygen and acetylene.

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