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Sl No. Description
1 The material/s as shown in the Tender Schedule is offered for sale on as is where is condition.
2 The intending tenderers may inspect the material/s and its condition before submitting their tender. The item now available for sale can be inspected on all working days during working hours with prior appointment.
3 The rate quoted shall be for MT/Kgs/Ltrs/Nos./Lot as applicable. The weighment of which if any, shall be done in CSL weighing machine and the weight recorded will be treated as final. The successful tenderer shall deposit duties and other taxes if any thereof at CSL cash counter and produce Money Receipt or D.D. in favour of CSL before taking the materials out of CSL premises.
4 If the successful tenderer fails to pay the purchase price as aforesaid and fails to remove the items within a reasonable period, the Contract for the purchase of the material as listed in the Tender Form shall stand cancelled and the Earnest Money Deposit and the purchase price if any paid shall be forfeited to Cochin Shipyard Limited, without prejudice to the rights of Cochin Shipyard to recover damages on account of such breach. The material/s will thereafter be sold at the risk and cost of the defaulted tenderer and the expenditure incurred or losses sustained thereon shall be made good by the Tenderer. The tenderer shall not have any right or claim in respect of the material/s thereafter and the EMD/Security deposit shall stand forfeited to Cochin Shipyard Limited, without prejudice to Cochin Shipyards right to recover any loss or damage that may be suffered by it. Cochin Shipyard Ltd., reserves the right to take such further action against defaulting tenderer as they maybe authorized by law
5 The successful tenderer is required to remove the materials from Cochin Shipyard premises immediately at his cost and responsibility.
6 Sale will be based on actual quantity available. No claim for variation inquantities if any, will be entertained
7 The tenderer shall not be permitted to sort the materials. The entire lot should be cleared as directed by the undersigned.
8 Tenderer shall indemnify CSL against payment of minimum wages fixed by Kerala Govt. or Govt.of India to labourers employed by him and any compensation whatsoever payable to his workers for accident or loss arising out of and in the course of their employment in connection with this contract.
9 The tenderer shall ensure that Shipyards Properties are not damaged during the course of removal of materials and if any damage or loss is caused to Shipyards properties shall make good such damage or loss.
10 The tender is issued subject to the jurisdiction of the local Courts of Cochin and no Courts other than local Courts at Cochin shall have jurisdiction regarding any matters concerning this tender.
11 This sale is also subject to the Tender Condition in addition to the General Condition of Contract CSL/P/1 and CSL/P/2 promulgated by CSL.
12 The undersigned reserves the right to cancel this sale at any time without assigning any reason before the issue of the Sale order. The tenderers are not entitled to claim any compensation on this account.
13 Any clarification required may be obtained in writing before the tender is submitted.


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