Sl No. Description
1 Tenders in sealed covers will be received by Senior Manager (General Store), Cochin Shipyard Limited, Cochin-682015.
2 Tenders shall be submitted in the prescribed form attached as Tender Schedule.
3 If the tender is made by an individual, it shall be signed by his full name and his address shall be given. In the event of the tender being submitted by a Firm, it must be signed separately by each partner thereof, or in the event of absence of any partner it must be signed on his behalf by a person holding a power of Attorney, authorizing him to do so and to bind the partner in all matters pertaining to the Contract including the Arbitration Clause, such power of attorney to be produced with the tender and it must disclose that the Firm is duly registered under the Indian Partnership Act. If the tender is made by a Limited Company, it shall be signed by a duly authorized officer who shall produce with the tender satisfactory evidence of the authorization. In the case of Limited Company the tender should be accompanied by the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Company.
4 Tenders shall be accompanied by an Earnest Money Deposit as noted in the Tender Notice in the form of Demand Draft drawn in favour of M/s. Cochin Shipyard Limited. Cochin 682015 and shall be enclosed to the Tender Schedule. Tenders without EMD will not be entertained. Under no circumstances, amount that are due or likely to be due from Cochin Shipyard Limited, will be adjusted against EMD. No other mode of payment than those mentioned above, will be accepted. E.M.D will not carry any interest. EMD remitted by the successful tenderer will be deemed as Security Deposit and this amount will be returned only on successful completion of the Contract.
5 The tender shall be open for acceptance for 90 days from the date fixed for its receipt. Should any tenderer withdraw his tender before the date, E.M.D remitted by this tenderer will be forfeited.
6 Tenders shall be written legibly and free from erasing and over-writing or conversion of figures. Correction where unavoidable should be duly attested with date. Rates should be written in Words and in Figures.
7 The tenderer shall not be permitted to sort the materials. The entire lot should be cleared as directed by the undersigned.
8 Tenders which do not fulfill all or any of the above conditions or are incomplete in any respect are liable to summary rejection.
9 The Tender Notice and this instruction to Tenderers shall form part of the Contract.


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