Vehicles Carrying Goods Into The Yard
Sl No. Regulations
1 Declare details of tools, tyres, names of crew in the authorization slip (copy down loadable)
2 Write the location in the yard in the vehicle has to proceed in the authorization slip. Authorization slip to be given to security personnel who will return the tools declaration authenticating the entries.
3 After getting in, please park the vehicle in the left side of the road.
4 For good requiring weighment through weighbridge, contact the concerned officials for recording the weight
5 The empty vehicle (after unloading) should be shown for inspection before going out.
6 Show the authorization for entry (delivery challan, purchase order etc ) to the security personnel at the gate.
Vehicles Carrying Goods Out Of The Yard
Sl No. Regulations
1 Follow steps 1 to 2 as above while getting into the yard.
2 Ensure that loading in done in the presence of security personnel only.
3 For weighment of loaded items in the weigh bridge, proceed to the weigh bridge for necessary formalities.
4 The vehicle should be shown to security staff for inspection before getting out of the yard

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