-The per diem rates quoted should be based on the salary, allowance and other social benefits normally payable to the   individual. Overheads and other profit elements should not be included. The rates quoted should be valid for the entire   calendar year and escalation per yearthereafter may be indicated seperately. The escalation sought should be based   on documents published by Governmental/semi-Governmental authorities.

-Overtime rate for work beyond normal working hours should also be indicated.
-The per diem rates quoted should be on the basis of eight hours per working day at site, excluding holidays.

-Working hours will be computed from the time of reporting at site to the time of Leaving the site.
-In case air ticket is to be arranged by CSL, the same will be arranged only Through Air India by Economy class.

-Not more than the actual travelling time will be allowedas journey time for the Purpose of computation as per diem   rates.
-Persons deputed should have the requisite technical knowhow/expertise in trial And commissioning of ships and/or   ship equipments including all relevant systems and sub-systems.

-If it is found that persons deputed does not possess the requisite Expertise/knowledge, CSL has the right to ask for a   replacement at the cost of the supplier.

-Supplier should depute only persons who are entitled for exemption from Income-tax in India. In case the supplier does   not depute such persons, the tax liability will lie with the   supplier.

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